Sunday, 30 July 2017

I ate a few packets of MRA foods.

In the beginning, I promised myself that I would blog at least once a week, which if anyone checked the dates in between the posts, will realize that I had obviously failed. 
So I needed to break the silence by posting a new blog post after a long 7 weeks of failing to complete more than 5 blog posts due to partially procrastinating and hitting some roadblock especially with my Thailand travelogue, with things got with upcoming exams within less than a month posting nothing.

So last week, my younger brother managed to sneak home two days worth of army rations, for anyone in the house o try out.
The first thing he said about the rations, is that it's illegal to smuggle them home from the camp, so I'll only give vague mentions on what's inside these packets.
The second thing he said about the rations, more of a warning, is that the rations can be quite disgusting.
His words, not mine.

So a package of a day's worth of rations that my brother received includes 2 packets of entrees to be eaten as a meal on its own and a packet of dessert, so it's a total of 6 packets of food out of the two package of rations.
There are suggested methods provided to heat the packet for consumption, but I ended up eating them straight out of the packet since that's the most common way to eat it, considering that it's ready-to-eat to begin with.

The first packet I ate was surprisingly fragrant, the glutinous rice (noted to be the main rice used for the rations) was very well flavored although the meat was dry but still flaked into smaller pieces, the packet of dessert was almost the same as a home made bean dessert soup.

The next day I had two more packets of entrees, the second one was almost the same the first, except that I quite disliked the meat.
Also, I had the last packet of dessert, it was almost the same as the previous one, somehow with the taste of TCM in the mix.

The last packet I ate for the day proves what my brother said earlier true; this packet of mushed up pasta was really Disgusting.
After absorbing all the sauces in a sealed packet the texture of the pasta became undesirably mushy.
Glutinous rice didn't have this problem since it will retain its sticky chewy texture after sucking up the sauces in the packet; if it's any other type of rice it would have shared the same problem with the pasta.

For the last packet, I might have it tomorrow for breakfast; not hopeful about it since it's pasta, unsure if heating it up will make any difference.
It's funny how I believed that the rations are finished only to found the last one on the sofa underneath bags and clothes.

So with this post down, I should really get down my study plans for the upcoming exams this month; before actually attempting to tackle those blog posts I am still struggling to complete.

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