Saturday, 13 May 2017

One simple post, a huge leap for my new beginning.

In the future, I would like to be someone who is able to articulate her ideas to others more easily. Someone who is able to communicate to others what is her ideas or intentions easily, without the awkward pauses, scrambling to gather words to describe her thoughts.

I would like to be an artist who is confident in her quality of her work. An artist who is willing to put in effort in her work, practicing regularly to hone her artistic skills, able to draw anything from her imagination.

I would like to be a strong believer in Christ. A believer who have a strongly grounded relationship with God and her savior Jesus Christ, and is able to share and guide others who shows interest in Christ.

I would like to be a unique game developer. A game developer who is excited about exploring the potential of a game as a unique medium, and creates an interesting game to reflect that.

I would like to be a strong storyteller. A storyteller who regularly writes either creative journal post or intriguing stories, experimenting with various mediums be it art, writing or videography to share stories to others.

I would like to be a person of strong health. A healthy person who can eat healthily swims well and is able to have a comfortable weight and body figure.

I would like to be a person with strong financial stability. A person who is able to pay for her stuff without having to pose a financial burden to others.

Finally, I would like to be someone who is confident and believes in herself. Someone who is able to stand in front of others, confidently sharing her works, beliefs, and thoughts without fear.

As a 22-year-old millennial still trying to become who I wanted to be while struggling to navigate the dark uncertainties of the future; 

Here's a simple post to kickstart my new beginnings of a long journey.

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