Friday, 19 May 2017

Dear Diary : Today's my class celebrates the school's 25 anniversary.

In the spirit of nurturing a blogging/writing habit, I decided I would document what happened on this day. A nice touch that today there is something special going on at my school instead of the usual class.

Today just so happened to be the 25th anniversary of my school. To celebrate this milestone occasion, someone in the head department decided that the students build a structure out of recycled materials. 

Maybe it can be exciting if it was more like a competition, where a theme is given on the day and create the structure on the spot, with a 1&1/2 hour time limit and the materials we had collected. Because all the classes of my school info com technology department(the department I'm studying at) had already been working on the structure for weeks. 

My teacher appeared beside me and asked if I understood the message or meaning behind the model.

I replied: "Nope."

She replied: "Well, the meaning behind this work is that the school has been traveling around the world to learn new technologies and trends from other countries, as well as engaging them through community service, represented by the flags made of ice cream sticks. And also how there were countries who visited us to learn more about our vocational training methods so that they can apply it to their own country. So essentially to showcase the school connection with the world "

"So what's with making the model out of recycled materials?"

"Well, the school didn't want the students to purchase materials for the project, opting to use any recyclable materials they might have at hand. Also, it is a good opportunity to exercise the 3Rs."

"So what happens to the model after this competition."

"We'll place the model on showcase for a year, and after that, we can take the materials from the models for other uses."

The Other Uses most likely being materials for the Pulau Semakau Landfill after a year ends. I had always felt iffy about school projects having students use recycled materials to create a model when the model most likely ended up back to the trash. 

The 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. 
Reduce? Didn't think so, since I know for sure the ice cream sticks, boards and the Kit Kat boxes are bought, and I did eat some of the Kit Kats for sure.
Reuse? Okay maybe that, since I had donated a huge heap of plastic bottles I'm too lazy to discard and some glue sticks I hardly use after art school.
Recycle? Hell no. It's essentially just a bunch of junk all cut up and clobbered together to form another junk that is most likely find it's way back to the trash.

Back to the point, as a result of having prepared the structure firsthand, there is a huge portion of the class left with absolutely nothing to do. Hence I managed to sneak off to take a look another event that's happening on the campus that caught my interest.

Instead, I found this:

Here's a closer look:

I saw only buffets begin prepared for those invited to the event, and from the looks of it, I most likely uninvited for it. I ended up having to spend the most time playing Duel Links and preparing this blog post.

And as part of preparing this blog post, I took pictures of models made by other class as well:

The model competition passed by quickly while I was doing my stuff, and so there was some award ceremony. I'm quite sure that all the prizes are all titbits. But the Good Thing that came after:

Free All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Lunch!XD

There is nothing that can easily get better than being able to fill your stomach with whatever amount of food for free.
Except maybe get to check out a classic film screening my CCA organized after 2&1/2 hours after lunch.

That is if they got the original Japanese dub with English subtitles instead of the dub version. I have quite a strong feelings about dubbed version as they have a tendency to screw around with the original dialogues to make it sound better for the English speaking audience without any regard for its context. 

So if you might think of me as a prick when I left for home after this revelation, allow me to explain that I do not feel that it's worth waiting more than 2 hours watching a potentially butchered version of the original classic. Especially when it's my first time watching it, I don't want to experience an altered version.

Despite today's event, now that I'm back home to reflect on it, 25 years for a school that is associated with notoriety for having students who didn't do well in mainstream exams is indeed quite an achievement. 

Over these 25 years, they gained recognition locally and overseas, have facilities such as swimming pool(Do not argue with me how insignificant that was. Having swimming pool and a place to shower in a campus is GodSend.), and have developed alumni's who went on to attend university themselves.
Hell, before I attended ITE College Central, I went for Digipen Singapore's student shadow program, and one of the students I met was an alumni from ITE.

I would sum up the day ith 3 portions: Boredom, Something Nice and Heavily Disappointed.

Something Nice is still good though, there's free lunch and I managed to bring some tau suan, that apparently nobody wanted since there is so much of it being leftovers, back home for my grandfather. And tau suan just so happens to be his favorite desert.

So here's to many more years to come for the school. Just hope that future anniversary celebrations are better than today.

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